Chewing Old Gum With Mickey Mouse

Sitting on his grandfather’s lap
Bouncing on one of his knees
The boy took off his baseball cap
As the man gave him a squeeze
The child begged for a story
The grandfather surely complied
A tale of his younger glory
The days of choosing a bride
Too soon the boy broke in
Inquiring about a snack
The old man reached into a tin
Then closed it with a clack
He gave the boy a stick of gum
Beemans was the brand
The boy asked where he got it from
But was silenced by the wave of a hand
“Chew this, but listen here,”
The grandfather told the child
“Your grandmother – she was quite dear
Especially when she smiled.”
He went on to describe how they first met
A tear brimming in his eye
“Grandfather, your face is wet.
Why is it you cry?”
The man paused to choose with care
Words to describe his spouse
And answered with a sharp intake of air
“She was my Minnie Mouse.”


3 responses to “Chewing Old Gum With Mickey Mouse

    • Thank you! It was our first assignment for my creative writing class. Our professor passed around notecards and had us each write an activity on them, pass them around the room, then write a well-known figure or character on the backside of our new notecard. He then recollected them and distributed them at random, and voilà! We had the title for our first poem.

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