Frozen Ponderings

(A Three-Sentence Poem)

Smoky grey tendrils of warmth creep from
deep within my lungs and escape
into the surrounding frost until
they are lost, swirling away into the icy air
as my hair is misted with crystals.

Is this breath the only distinction
between the biting cold death that awaits
in nature’s frozen château
and the flow of hot blood indubitably
indicating my life?

Naked silhouetted tree limbs sway
in the moon’s silvery light, and as the wind dances
the cold fingers on their branches reach out
imploringly, to touch my cheek
with whispered queries of their own.


7 responses to “Frozen Ponderings

  1. This is gorgeous: I love your language use in this poem, its all so descriptive and luscious, but my favorite is “indubitably indicating.” Those two words in succession = magic in my mind. congrats on getting the assignment done so quickly. props.

  2. I think you should say “frozen château” instead of “icy” just to get a better mix of words in here. This poem has great imagery with the ice, grey, and silvery moonlight.. and actually, the poem is perfect considering the wordpress theme/colors that you have hehe.

  3. Very beautifully written! Your use of imagery is mind-blowing to me. It was very thought provoking, I had to read it a few times but I consider that to be a good thing! Nicely done!

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