that sick-to-your-stomach feeling
of instant regret
emotional nausea
and burning eyes
white hot tears dancing on the edge
of your lashes
threatening to spill over
to scream for attention
body disobeying your mind
a leaden weight fills
your abdomen
the once fluttering butterflies
lay heavy and dead
you can almost taste the vomit
teasing its way up
your esophagus
as you tremble trying
to hold it back
a scorching pain aggressively
tearing apart
your chest
frantic breathing takes over
mind and body synonymously
convulsing in near hysteria
at what you cannot
take back


2 responses to “irreversible

  1. Wow, I feel like I’m going to throw up reading this.

    In a good way of course!

    Very good, powerful and very, very, VERY effectively descriptive. Love the conclusion too. =)

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