Le Cadeau de Mort

The revised version, as of February 17, 2012.

An angel of darkness,
A knight of the night itself,
A beautiful fiend of silence and shadows,
He haunted me after dusk,
His presence pervading my dreams
And consuming my thoughts,

Curtains of translucent ivory billowing from the open window
Struggle in vain to chase after me,
To disencumber me from this inescapable fate,
But I am beyond restoration:
He drinks my life from the deepest channel;
Neck arched and face upturned,
I watch the moon slip behind a grey haze.
“Mon amour, je suis désolé.”

I hear the patter of soil on my temporary roof.
Enveloped by darkness and crimson silk,
Imprisoned by walls of mahogany,
But it won’t be long now:
He will come for me; I will resurface,
And we will take flight.

Click to see the original draft.


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