Throwback Poetry

Okay, it’s about time I posted something… even if it is ridiculously embarrassing. I’ve decided to share some very old poems I wrote way back when I was a little baby sophomore in high school. Four years ago, during the 2008/2009 school year, we did a segment on poetry in my English class. Here is the, admittedly awful, result.


Looking out over the edge,
Like the autumn leaves in the wind
Thoughts swirling in my head,
Toes gripping the rocky sand,
Remembering the initial urge,
Forgetting nervous fears,
A rush of adrenaline takes over,
My thoughts are silenced
As my heartbeat fills my ears,
Like the pounding of a drum,
Steady and strong until
The release,
Anxious skips replace the beat,
As I freefall down,
Down into nothingness,
Only empty space and cool air
Rushing over my body,
A shiver builds up,
And it’s finished with a splash,
Suddenly submerged
Into the icy wet landing,
And I am human again.

Blue Flames

Blue flames dance behind his eyes,
Green light blazes behind hers,
Colors collide to make a screaming eruption,
Their eyes meet for the first time,
Two heartbeats speed up,
Hers throbbing perfectly in time with his,
His trying to keep a steady pace,
In their secret unknown rhythm.
Streams of crimson rush,
Racing to accentuate her cheeks,
His insides twist and flutter,
She melts at his smile,
And a need is formed within both,
Creating a dilemma.
Her fingers are longing to struggle free,
Wishing to be released
From the hand she is already holding,
An emptiness forms in her heart,
A space only blue flames could fill,
And she walks on,
Leaving what would complete her behind.

Sand Songs

You were sand slipping through my fingers,
There for a moment
But always disappearing,
I was leaves on a tree,
Forever returning to your grasp,
I sat idle and waiting,
While you disposed of many hearts,
Searching for one to make yours sing,
To add harmony to your melody.
But your heart was always singing too loudly
To hear a quiet harmony,
Perfectly in tune
With your everything,
I was the unknown partner to your beautiful duet.
Sifting sands turned still
And a tree sprouted up,
Now you are the leaves of this tree,
Forever requiring nourishment
From my sunlight,
But I am sand slipping through your fingers,
No longer returning to your grasp,
Searching for a new harmony
For my melody,
To complete my duet.


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