A Reading of A Flawless Fabrication

Lately I’ve been quite interested in hearing poetry spoken rather than just reading it, so I figured I would give reading my own poems aloud a shot. In addition to the reading I uploaded of Frozen Ponderings, I’ve made one for A Flawless Fabrication.

A Flawless Fabrication

We were lying in the grass together,
Gazing up at the spill of stars across the obsidian sky
With our fingers carelessly intertwined
And our hearts engaged in a modest foxtrot,
No sense of time passing,
Only the melody of the moon:
Thousands of insects harmonizing under the crescent glow;
Light languidly dripping from the heavens
Landed on the earth around us as fireflies,
And the cool summer breeze
Encouraged us to seek warmth from each other.

The only way it could have been more perfect,
Is if it had actually happened.