About me.

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My name is Rachel. I am 21 and a senior at the University of Michigan where I am majoring in English Literature and minoring in Translation Studies. I’ve lived in this beautiful state my entire life in the small town of Fife Lake, which is near Traverse City, or the “pinky.” When I’m not at home visiting my mom and younger sister, I’m here in Ann Arbor studying and working for the Oral Pathology Biopsy Service at the School of Dentistry.

Some of my interests include reading, writing, editing, and translating; artistic endeavors including but not limited to drawing, painting, and photography; listening to and discovering new music, both digitally and live (I love going to concerts); and of course going to the movies, watching Netflix, and playing video games – pretty typical stuff.

Originally, I made this blog for a creative writing course I took my freshman year. Even though the class is over, I’m continuing to use this as a place to express myself and share my writing – it is truly my passion. I hope you enjoy what you come across, and I’m always happy to receive comments and questions.


2 responses to “About me.

  1. Dear Ms. Daniels,

    I am an English teacher at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs, CO. I came across your flash fiction winter story when I was looking for short pieces to use for an assessment comparing concepts of winter. The freshmen teachers really like it and would like permission to use part of it on an assessment. It would be an excerpt from the one that begins with “She hurried along…” We love the description and suspense.

    If you would reply with permission or a decline I would appreciate it. I know my students would enjoy reading it. If so, please let me know what you would like me to title it or if you would like to leave it untitled. I will be happy to add your web address to the exceprt in case they want to read more. In addition, please let me know if you want any other information on the exceprt.


    Letty Burr
    Coronado High School
    Colorado Springs, CO.

    PS. One of my colleagues wanted to read more, so I gave her the other part as well.

    • Hi Letty,

      I am very flattered and would be more than happy to allow you and the other teachers to use my flash fiction. Leaving it untitled is fine, and I would appreciate if the web address were included – it’s always nice to know someone might read my writing.

      I hope the assessment goes well with the students. English was my favorite subject in high school, and I would’ve really enjoyed working on something like this. Thank you for commenting and asking for permission, and thank you for reading.


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