Previous drafts.

As I go through the revision process and discover ways of saying what I mean that I like better, I update my poetry posts. This page exists to make available the original versions of some of my poems. If a comment on one of my poetry posts does not seem to make sense, perhaps it is because I’ve revised the poem to exclude parts that people commented on. Here you can see older drafts and make sense of my changes.

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The Box
Le Cadeau de Mort
Doppelgängers of Glass
More to come.

The Box
(February 7, 2012)

A cool summer night she lay down to rest
But was unable to drift off to sleep
Her eyes fell upon that sacred gold chest
That had been trustingly placed in her keep
A silver lock kept its secrets sealed tight
The box whispered of its hidden contents
Its polished surface reflected the light
Promised an illustrious quintessence
Thoughts dancing around what must be inside
She contemplated the risk she would take
Her curiosity would not subside
She did not know what was truly at stake
Cautiously twisting her key with brows creased
Pandora gasped at the horrors released

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Le Cadeau de Mort
(January 28, 2012)

An angel of darkness,
The knight of the night itself,
A beautiful fiend of silence and shadows,
He haunted me after dusk,

Curtains of translucent ivory billowing into the evening air,
Struggling in vain to chase after me,
To disencumber me from this inescapable fate,
But I am beyond restoration:
He drains my life, drinking from the deepest channel;
A grey haze conceals the moon
As the throb of my heart fades,
And I sink into nothingness.

I hear the patter of soil on my temporary roof.
Enveloped by darkness and crimson silk,
Imprisoned by walls of mahogany,
But it won’t be long now:
He will come for me; I will resurface,
And we’ll take flight together.

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Doppelgängers of Glass
(January 24, 2012)

I had only wanted a way home –
Simple transportation,
Movement from one destination to the next –
When I noticed

A sly deception of nature:
A bus brimming with beautiful beings –

Lips, dewy and pink, creeping back flirtatiously
To reveal impeccably iridescent smiles,
Golden cascades of silk framing
Symmetrical palettes of ivory or peach,
Cobalt eyes dancing
Mischievously tucked behind a fringe of dark lashes,
Slender fingers concluding
In flawless windows with
Tiny crescent moons at their sills –

Whose splendor was a facade.

For when I glanced outside to check our progress,
Light bounced off the tinted egress,
Darkening my view of the road and evening sky
And exposing an unnatural horror:

My perception changed in unison with the creatures;
In their reflections –

Foul snarls baring contaminated openings
Of jagged decaying fangs,
Ethereal curtains of black hanging
Lifeless about ghastly pallid sneers,
Liquid black chasms
Amidst deteriorating and wilting flesh,
Manus, encrusted in crimson,
Tapering off into
Stained and infected claws –

I saw the dreadful truth.

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