My artwork.

In addition to writing, I like to express my creativity through art – art inspires art, right? Below are some samples of my work. Click on any image to view a larger version. Enjoy!

A set of three drawings done in pencil and watercolor pencil.

A pencil drawing of Nicholas Matthews, former vocalist of the band Get Scared, inspired by this photo. This drawing was done with white charcoal pencil on black paper – so the shading had to be done completely backwards.

Abstract watercolor paintings – the left was sort of inspired by a rainforest; for the right, I messed around with different techniques and used saran wrap to create the glass texture.

A pencil drawing on blue paper – I think it’s my favorite drawing I’ve done so far. A pencil drawing of the cast of my favorite show: The Vampire Diaries.

For the piece on the right: the silhouettes were cut from black paper, while the background was done with colored chalks. On the left is an oil painting of a tree – my favorite I’ve done.

Left: a pencil drawing of an eye with watercolor pencil used for the iris. Right: newspaper, paint, magazine clippings, permanent marker – this piece is a hodgepodge of materials.

Left: charcoal of Angelina Jolie in the movie Wanted. Center: pencil drawing of Christofer Drew, which originally had a colored pencil background, but it was terrible so I erased it in on my computer. Right: another pencil drawing, of a girl.

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