Boreas 1903

Boreas 1903 by John William Waterhouse
Boreas 1903 – an oil painting by John William Waterhouse

Boreas 1903

Oh, fair maiden in misery,
Sweet damsel in distress,
Reveal the source of your heartache.

Fabric cannot conceal your despair
For it is written on your face;
Your eyes give you away.

Gusts of wind may mask your panting,
But the flush of your cheeks
Claims a swift and bothered journey.

Troubled lady in lavender,
Clandestine and hushed,
Do you venture this way oft?

Shame for the daffodils,
The newly blooming trees,
Your beauty surpasses nature.

Blossoms of butter and coral
Envy the tone of your skin;
Your lips could embarrass a rose.

Such captivating womanly splendor
Should never act in accordance
With a woeful symphony of sighs.