Intoxicated By You

Why is this happening to me right now?
I didn’t ask for it,
But now I spend every second
Thinking of you, and if I had a second
Chance I’d make a move.
“You have to give off good vibes.”
That’s something I didn’t do.
I thought I did – I mean, I tried
But I didn’t want to hide behind the
Peach-vodka-tinted confidence
Or the coconut rum shots after that.
I wanted it to be real,
Not something you feel because of the haze
That the Jäger puts you in,
And I wanted you to see who I really am,
Not just the alcohol disguise.
“Go talk to him. Go make a move.”
But is that something I’d normally do?
I let myself stay a little shy instead
Of letting my lowered inhibitions take over
With a guy I’d just met.
And you tried, but I think I ruined it
When I let so many opportunities slip away
To respond to your hand on my knee
Or your arm around my waist.
I couldn’t just say what I felt,
Even if I thought it was mutual, even when I knew,
Because you weren’t nearly drunk enough,
Or I wasn’t sufficiently sober.
But then it was over and we were leaving,
No more time for the drunken deceiving
That I didn’t allow myself to do
Because it was you, and I tried to be me,
To act the way I would during the day
If the circumstances weren’t the same,
Because I didn’t want to mess it up.
“Maybe he didn’t think you were into him.”
I guess I should’ve realized you’d understand
That girls get a little bit more flirty
After a drink or two, and that
It wouldn’t have hurt for me to use my
State of mind as an excuse.
So now I wonder,
If I would have just let loose and done something,
Would I still be sitting here desperate
For a reason to talk to you
With every corner of my mind occupied
By this want, this craving?
And I know I should be saving this
For the next party, the next chance,
But if I don’t write it down I’ll go crazy.
Romance has never been my strong suit;
I just hope the same thing is happening to you.